Self-Supporting Aluminium Dome Roof

VACONODome - Aluminium geodesic dome roof is used to cover storage tanks of any diameter in the petroleum industry. It is usually used in refineries and tank farms, where both the storage product and the structural tank components must be protected from atmospheric and environmental influences.

VACONODome combines ecological aspects with economic benefits as it prevents the contamination of the storage product by e.g.rainwater,sand and other foreign matters, and reduces evaporationloss caused by wind or direct exposure to sunlight. This is what makes the VACONODome so interesting. 

VACONODome is designed as a self-supporting dome roof whereby only its outer edge is connected to the tank shell around the outer rim. Central struts, which would have to pass through erected floating roofs or decks and which would diminish the efficiency of these systems, are no longer required. This advanced constructional design results in an important reduction of evaporation loss.