TIMM Elektronik:
Grounding Control Device EKX-4

This next generation Grounding Control Device is used for the controlled discharge of electronic charges of top loading tank trucks, railway tank wagons, containers and barrels in hazardous explosive environments of zones 1 and zone 2.

The device ensures that filling is only permitted in case of a sufficient low impedance grounding connection to the object. If the grounding connection is interrupted, the EKX-4 immediately switches back into the safe status and the filling process stops.
The Grounding Control Device EKX-4 is designed and certified in accordance with the latest standards related to the European explosion prevention directive 94/9/E.C. (ATEX 95).


  • improved restriction against individual manipulation at the filling station
  • constantly self-monitored redundant control outputs
  • auto-diagnosis of all safety-related functions to provide error-proof reliability
  • only one grounding system required for different applications
  • high resistance against aggressive environmental influences through special coating

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