SECU-TECH Secu Data:
Wireless data transmission of readings from/in ATEX - proof areas.

From different measuring points (e.g. hydrostatical probes, guided microwave, radar probes etc.) equipped with 4-20mA output readings will transmitted simultaneously.
The large range (up to 1500m free field) permits a great variety of application. In case of insecure radio transmission additionally modems can be used.
Secu-Data can also be used as a temporary station for different applications.

Main features:

  • wireless data-transfer
  • for use in EX-areas (SD 420L, SD 421L, SD 232L)
  • protection IP67 for outdoor use
  • no cabling between measurement-place and central place
  • quick and easy installation without digging work.
  • highest reliability by radio-transmission without disturbances and automatic channel-search
  • tanks far away can be easy connected with modems.

Secu-Data Manager:
Tank level administration program visualizes the measurement  information and generates data for further processi

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