Scully for Tanktrucks

The leader in Dynamic Self-Checking® overfill protection, grounding verification, and vehicle identification systems for bottom and top loading petroleum and chemical tank vehicles.

Scully offers complete tank trailer/road tanker safety and information systems to prevent overfills, detect retained product, ensure your vehicle is at the same ground potential as the loading rack, and verify identification information.

Only Scully systems offer Dynacheck® automatic and continuous self-checking, and the longest running safety record in the industry. Protect your people and your operations with the safest tank vehicle loading safety systems available.

Scully products out-perform and out-last every other system on the market. It’s why we are the only company to offer a 5-year warranty on our overfill prevention sensors.

Only Scully transportation equipment is 100% compatible with Scully Loading Rack Control Units. Why risk using another system that may not be fully compatible?

We offer a highly-trained, technical service team of experts and technical phone support to keep your tank trailers on the road and your operations safe.

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