LC System:
“low cost” level measurement 

  • tank size up to 100.000 liter
  • suitable for all products in non-Ex-areas
  • data transmission with prepaid mobile phone card (GSM)


  • diesel tanks
  • heating oil tanks
  • waste oil tanks
  • lubricant tanks
  • Ad-Blue tanks
  • water tanks
  • containers with cleaning products
  • submersible pump control

The devices of the LC series measure the term of ultrasonic impulses to register the filling level of tank capacity. The values determined are shown on the display of the device and transmitted via GSM (mobile phone network). All common designs of tanks, such as cubic, cylindrical, horizontal, upright are supported.

Ultrasonic distance measurement

  • measuring range in cm: 19 – 350 guaranteed
  • ambient temperature: -10° to +45°C
  • measuring angle < 15°
  • accuracy  -/+1cm


Evaluation software LCDC (LC Data Center)

  • Database with all LC-data from the entire LC-network
  • evaluation of LCs of any number
  • data can be sorted by groups/ clients     customers
  • tables and graphs
  • report manager
  • printout on paper

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