FMC Technologies Sening® / Smith Meter®

Under our Smith Meter® trademark, FMC Technologies supplies high-precision measuring systems and solutions for custody transfer in the oil and gas industry.
 This covers the following applications and products in the entire downstream area:

  • measuring systems
  • blending systems
  • AccuLoad® - Electronic preset control systems
  • microLoadTM - Electronic preset control systems
  • Smith Meter®
  • Prime4 and Genesis - PD meter (positive displacement meter)
  • Turbine meter
  • Ultra Series - Liquid ultrasonic flowmeter
  • MPU Series - Gas ultrasonic flowmeter
  • AccuPlus – Additive injector
  • strainers
  • control valves for various valve applications

Under the brand Sening® FMC Technologies offers innovative tank truck products and solutions for for bottom loading, truck metering and transport monitoring applications. This includes:

  • NoMix – Cross over prevention COP
  • MultiFlow – Electronic meter head
  • MultiSeal – Sealed parcel delivery SPD
  • MultiLevel – Level gauging system

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