MID approved measuring system

DEZICHEM 2 is an MID approved measuring system mounted on road tankers or containers 
for the delivery of AdBlue and other chemical liquids from a conductibility of 5µS and a viscosity of 120 mPa.s. on.
Europe-wide examination certificate no.: DE-14-MI005-PTB022 rev. 1 according to MID
The system can be delivered conformity tested and metrologically approved, no initial calibration required.
Concerning AdBlue, the delivered quantity has to be determined precisely according to the calibration law in order to be able to balance the delivery correctly.
When delivering chemical liquids, it is important that the materials used in the measuring system that are in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, viton and teflon. This is guaranteed with DEZICHEM 2.
This compact measuring system achieves the best possible delivery performance. DEZICHEM 2 is compact in its dimensions and, therefore, can be both installed on new and refitted on used trucks.


  • easy handling and operating via touch screen or 6 hardware
  • buttons
  • minimum size for installation
  • measuring system is delivered completely assembled
  • preselection of desired quantity in order to fill containers
  • fully drainable in case of chemical products
  • direct control of one pump
  • optional emergency stop button with alarm

Delivery via

  • gas pressure
  • dry hose
  • wet hose
  • pump

Technical Data:

  • magnetic inductive measuring method, no moving parts
  • nominal throuput diameter measuring system DN 50
  • delivery pressure max. 4 bar
  • approved delivery note printer

Dimensions of measuring system:

  • length = 680 mm
  • width  = 410 mm
  • height = 660 mm

Maximum flow rate:

  • 690 l/min < 20 mPa.s,
e.g. AdBlue
  • 400 l/min < 120 mPa.s,
e.g. additives
  • minimum flow rate: 60 l/min
  • product pipes made of stainless steel
  • total weight less than 45 kg
  • indicating, storing and operating unit


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