DEZIDATA TVE: Electronic Dipstick System DIPCHECK 2

DEZIDATA TVE Electronic Dipstick operates fully electronically on tank trucks.

  • volume of product in each compartment will be measured with a deviation less than 0.1%,
  • measuring with ultra-sonic signal - no moving parts
  • assuring quality/purity of the product in each compartment by measuring density (one-time setting only)
  • temperature compensation of measured volume according to OIML weights and measures
  • compensation of inclination up to an angle of 5°

The touchscreen display shows all opperation details:

  • volume and quality of product per compartment
  • discharging pipes full or empty
  • alarms given when product quality changes
  • identified product in tank at fuel station or depot
  • (EN-14116)

Complete status information on electronic dipstick:

  • details to be printed by pushing the “PRINT” button on the screen
  • download of even more details and event logs onto the laptop
  • standardized recording of log events via fuel-truck-link (FTL) protocol according to EN-15969-1.
  • FTL logs can be provided to an on-board-computer (OBC) or, via a router, to an existing fleet management system

Additional features:

  • DEZIDATA TVE monitor has a 72 hours battery backup
  • it can store up to 28,000 events
  • each event is stored even when router connection is interrupted and the battery or a cable is broken
  • the system can be both refitted on existing tankers and installed on newly built tankers
  • sealed parcel delivery (SPD)
  • crossover prevention (COP) for depots and service stations


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