INRAG Anlagenbau

Plant construction: turnkey plants from the specialist provider

For us plant construction means: precise analysis of your requirements, preparation of the obtained data, development of a coherent concept and construction of a plant that not only records, controls and regulates media, but also works in a cost-effective way.

INRAG offers a comprehensive and diverse range of services. Besides perfectly implemented standard solutions, we also offer:

  • Pump stations
  • Loading systems (e.g. for refuelling tank trucks, tank cars, etc.)
  • Fire protection systems with foam and water
  • Steel pipeline constructions
  • Pipeline technology
  • Refuelling and de-icing of aircraft
  • Blending systems
  • Dosing technology systems (e.g. for the food industry)

We integrate MSR technology in pipeline construction, tank construction, filters, air separators and meters, and offer extensive know-how in the handling of liquids and gases.

All our services are from just one source – from engineering through the modular design of the plant components and the installation of compact solutions to plant maintenance and supplier management.

INRAG is SVS certified to DIN EN 287 and is a Siemens Solution Partner.